Andorra Postal Code

Andore Postal Code:-

Andorra's postal codes were first used in July 2004, when the country joined the European Union. In recognition of the fact that postal services in Andorra are provided by Correos of Spain and La Poste of France, postal codes were established in collaboration with the postal authorities of both countries. Each of Andorra's seven parishes has its own postal code, which may be found here (or codi postal in Catalan).

A different postcode is assigned to each group of 50 PO Boxes in Andorra la Vella; for example, boxes 1001 to 1050 have the number AD551, boxes 1051 to 1100 have the code AD552, and so on.

What is Andorra address format?

Societat TORRES
Cal Senyor BARO Apartament 2
Entrada A Edifici Les Grandalles

What is Andorra Zipcode Format?
Andorra Zipcode Format

Useful Information:-
  • Toal Postal Code in Country:- Total 7 Postal Code In AndorrA
  • Postal Code Type :- 5-digit(alphanumeric)
  • Toal Population :- 80088 (May2023)
  • Capital Name :-Andorra la Vella
  • Dialing Code :-376