List of National Postal services and Postal entities.

The Government agency is responsible for postal services. The postal sector's regulating body. Postal regulation may include the development of postal rules, charges, services supplied, as well as the budgeting and funding of postal operations. Where there is no independent postal regulator, these responsibilities may be assumed by the government or the operator (s). They may be conducted by a single body or by a collection of government, quasi-government, or commercial organisations. That country's authorised postal operator (normally the public postal service). Other notable postal operators, if any, may also be noted. Postal operations include the receiving, transit, and delivery of approved classes of mail, specialised mailing services, facility operation, and the sale of postage, philatelic materials, and mailing supplies.

Continent Country Governmental authority Company Website
Africa Algeria Ministère de la Poste et des TIC Poste Algérie
Africa Angola Ministry of Telecommunications and Information Technologies Correios de Angola
Africa Benin Ministry of Information Technology and Communication La Poste du Bénin
Africa Botswana Ministry of Communications, Science and Technology BotswanaPost
Africa Burkina Faso Ministry of Posts, Information Technology and Communication SONAPOST
Africa Burundi Ministry of Transport, Posts and Telecommunications Régie Nationale des Postes
Africa Cameroon Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications CAMPOST
Africa Cape Verde Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport Correios de Cabo Verde
Africa Central African Republic Ministry of Posts, Telecommunications and New Technologies Direction des services postaux de l'Office National des Postes et de l'Épargne
Africa Chad Ministry of posts and information and communication technologies Société tchadienne des postes et de l'épargne  
Africa Côte d'Ivoire Ministry of New Information Technology and Telecommunications La Poste (Côte d'Ivoire)
Africa Democratic Republic of the Congo Ministry of Posts, Telephones and Telecommunications Congolese Posts and Telecommunications Corporation  
Africa Egypt Ministry of Communications and Information Technologies Egypt Post
Africa Eritrea Ministry of Transport and Communication Eritrean Postal Service
Africa Ethiopia Ministry of Transport and Communications Ethiopian Postal Service
Africa Gabon Ministry of Communication, Post, Telecommunications and New Information Technologies Gabon Poste
Africa The Gambia Ministry of Communication, Information and Technology Gambia Postal Services Corporation
Africa Ghana Ministry of Communications Ghana Post
Africa Guinea Ministry of Communication and New Information Technologies (MCNTI) Office de la poste guinéenne  
Africa Guinea-Bissau Not Available Correios da Guiné-Bissau  
Africa Kenya Ministry of Information and Communications Technology Postal Corporation of Kenya
Africa Lesotho Not Available Lesotho Post
Africa Liberia Not Available Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications (Liberia)
Africa Libya Not Available General Posts and Telecommunications Company
Africa Madagascar Not Available Paositra Malagasy
Africa Malawi Not Available Malawi Posts Corporation
Africa Mali Not Available Office national des postes du Mali
Africa Mauritania Not Available La Société Mauritanienne des Postes
Africa Mauritius Not Available Mauritius Post
Africa Morocco Not Available Poste Maroc
Africa Mozambique Not Available Correios de Moçambique
Africa Namibia Not Available NamPost
Africa Niger Not Available Niger Poste
Africa Nigeria Not Available Nigerian Postal Service
Africa Republic of the Congo Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications Congolese Posts and Savings Company  
Africa Rwanda Not Available National Post Office
Africa Senegal Not Available La Poste Senegal
Africa Seychelles Not Available Seychelles Postal Service
Africa Sierra Leone Not Available SALPOST
Africa Somalia Minister of Information, Posts and Telecommunications Somali Postal Service
Africa South Africa Not Available South African Post Office
Africa South Sudan Minister of Telecommunication and Postal Services (South Sudan) Minister of Telecommunication and Postal Services
Africa Sudan Not Available Sudapost [fr]
Africa Swaziland #N/A Swaziland Posts and Telecommunications
Africa Tanzania Not Available Tanzania Posts Corporation
Africa Togo Not Available La Poste du Togo
Africa Tunisia Not Available La Poste Tunisienne
Africa Uganda Not Available Posta Uganda
Africa Zambia Not Available ZamPost
Africa Zimbabwe Not Available ZimPost
 Americas Argentina Ministry of Federal Planning, Public Investment and Services (MinPlan) Correo Argentino
 Americas Aruba (Kingdom of the Netherlands) Ministry of Economic Affairs Post Aruba
 Americas Barbados Ministry of Home Affairs Barbados Postal Service
 Americas Belize Ministry of Public Utilities, Transport, Communications Belize Postal Service
 Americas Bolivia Ministerio de Servicios, Obras Publicas y Vivenda Empresa de Correos de Bolivia
 Americas Brazil Ministry of Communications Correios
 Americas Canada Minister responsible for Canada Post Corporation Canada Post
 Americas Caribbean Netherlands (Kingdom of the Netherlands) Ministry of Economic Affairs FXDC Post
 Americas Chile Ministry of Transport and Telecommunications, Under-Secretariat for Telecommunications Correos de Chile
 Americas Colombia Ministry of Information Technologies and Communications Servicios Postales Nacionales (4-72)
 Americas Costa Rica None Correos de Costa Rica
 Americas Cuba Ministry of Informatics and Communications Correos de Cuba
 Americas Curaçao (Kingdom of the Netherlands) Ministry of Economic Affairs Cpost International
 Americas Dominica Ministry of Public Works, Energy and Ports General Post Office
 Americas Dominican Republic Ministry of Public Works and Communications Dominican Postal Institute
 Americas Ecuador Correos del Ecuador, attached to the office of the Vice-President of the Republic of Ecuador Correos del Ecuador
 Americas El Salvador Ministry of Gobernacíon Correos de El Salvador
 Americas Guyana Not Available Guyana Post Office Corporation
 Americas Honduras Not Available Honducor
 Americas Jamaica Not Available Postal Corporation of Jamaica
 Americas Mexico Secretaría de Comunicaciones y Transportes Correos de México
 Americas Nicaragua Not Available Correos de Nicaragua
 Americas Panama Not Available Correos de Panamá
 Americas Paraguay Not Available Correo Nacional Paraguayo
 Americas Peru Not Available Serpost
 Americas Saint Kitts and Nevis #N/A St. Kitts & Nevis Postal Services
 Americas Saint Lucia Not Available Saint Lucia Postal Service
 Americas Saint Vincent and the Grenadines Not Available SVG Postal Corporation
 Americas Sint Maarten (Kingdom of the Netherlands) Ministry of Economic Affairs Postal Services St. Maarten  
 Americas Suriname Not Available Surpost
 Americas Trinidad and Tobago Not Available TTPost
 Americas United States United States Postal Service United States Postal Service
 Americas Uruguay Not Available Correo Uruguayo
 Americas Venezuela Not Available IPOSTEL
Asia Afghanistan Ministry of Communications and Information Technologies Afghan Post
Asia Bahrain Ministry of Transport Bahrain Post
Asia Bangladesh Ministry of Post and Telecommunication Bangladesh Post Office
Asia Bhutan Ministry of Information and Communications (MoIC) Bhutan Postal Corporation
Asia Brunei Ministry of Communications Brunei Postal Services Department
Asia Cambodia Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications (MPTC) Cambodian Post www,
Asia China Ministry of Transport China Post
Asia Georgia Not Available Georgian Post
Asia Hong Kong #N/A Hongkong Post
Asia India Ministry of Communications and Information Technology India Post
Asia Indonesia Ministry of Communication and Information Technology Pos Indonesia
Asia Iran Not Available IRI Post
Asia Iraq Not Available Iraqi Telecommunications and Post Company
Asia Israel Not Available Israel Post
Asia Japan Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications Japan Post Holdings
Asia Jordan Not Available Jordan Post Company
Asia Kazakhstan Ministry of Investment and Development Kazpost
Asia Kuwait Not Available Ministry of Communications (Kuwait)
Asia Kyrgyzstan Ministry of Transport and Communications of the Republic of Kyrgyzstan Kyrgyz Express Post
Asia Lebanon Not Available LibanPost
Asia Macau #N/A Correios de Macau
Asia Malaysia Ministry of Communications and Multimedia Malaysia Pos Malaysia
Asia Maldives Not Available Maldives Post
Asia Mongolia Not Available Mongol Post
Asia Myanmar #N/A Myanmar Post and Telecommunications Department
Asia Nepal Not Available Nepal Post
Asia North Korea Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications Korea Post and Telecommunications Corporation  
Asia Oman Not Available Oman Post
Asia Pakistan Not Available Pakistan Post
Asia Palestine #N/A Palestine Post
Asia Philippines Not Available PHLPost
Asia Qatar Not Available Qatar Post
Asia Saudi Arabia Not Available Saudi Post
Asia Singapore Ministry of Communications and Information Singapore Post
Asia South Korea Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning Korea Post
Asia Sri Lanka Ministry of Posts, Postal Services & Muslim Religious Affairs Sri Lanka Post
Asia Syria Not Available Syria Post
Asia Taiwan #N/A Chunghwa Post
Asia Thailand Ministry of Transport Thailand Post
Asia Turkey Not Available PTT (Turkey)
Asia Turkmenistan Not Available Turkmenpochta
Asia United Arab Emirates Not Available Empost
Asia Uzbekistan Not Available O`zbekiston pochtasi
Asia Vietnam Not Available Vietnam Post Corporation
Asia Yemen Not Available Yemen Post
Europe Åland Islands (Finland) #N/A Posten Åland
Europe Albania Not Available Posta Shqiptare
Europe Armenia Ministry of Transport and Communication, State Estate Managing Department HayPost
Europe Austria Ministry for Transport, Innovation and Technology Österreichische Post
Europe Azerbaijan Ministry of Communications and Information Technology Azərpoçt
Europe Belarus Ministry of Communications and Informatization Belposhta
Europe Belgium Ministry of Enterprise and Simplification Bpost
Europe Bosnia and Herzegovina Ministry of Communications and Transport BH Pošta / Hrvatska Pošta Mostar / Pošte Srpske / /
Europe Bulgaria State Agency for Information Technologies and Communications Bulgarian Posts
Europe Croatia Ministry of the Sea, Tourism, Transport and Development Hrvatska pošta
Europe Cyprus Ministry of Communications and Public Works Cyprus Postal Services
Europe Czech Republic Ministry of Industry and Trade Česká pošta
Europe Denmark Ministry of Transport Post Danmark
Europe Estonia Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications (MEAC) Omniva
Europe Faroe Islands (Kingdom of Denmark) #N/A Posta (company)
Europe Finland Ministry of Transport and Communications Posti
Europe France Ministry of the Economy and Finance (France) La Poste
Europe Germany Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology Deutsche Post
Europe Gibraltar (UK) #N/A Royal Gibraltar Post Office
Europe Greece Ministry of Transport and Communications Hellenic Post
Europe Greenland (Kingdom of Denmark) #N/A Post Greenland
Europe Guernsey (UK) #N/A Guernsey Post
Europe Hungary Not Available Magyar Posta
Europe Iceland Ministry of the Interior Íslandspóstur
Europe Ireland Minister for Transport, Tourism and Sport An Post
Europe Isle of Man #N/A Isle of Man Post Office
Europe Italy Ministry of Economic Development Poste italiane
Europe Jersey (UK) #N/A Jersey Post
Europe Kosovo #N/A Posta e Kosovës
Europe Latvia Not Available Latvijas Pasts
Europe Liechtenstein Not Available Liechtensteinische Post
Europe Lithuania Not Available Lietuvos paštas
Europe Luxembourg Not Available Post Luxembourg
Europe Malta Ministry of Infrastructure, Transport and Communications MaltaPost
Europe Moldova Ministry of Information Development Poșta Moldovei
Europe Monaco Not Available La Poste Monaco
Europe Montenegro Not Available Pošta Crne Gore
Europe Netherlands (Kingdom of the Netherlands) Ministry of Economic Affairs PostNL
Europe North Macedonia Not Available North Macedonia Post
Europe Norway Not Available Posten
Europe Poland Ministry of Infrastructure (Poland) Departament Poczty (DPO) Poczta Polska
Europe Portugal Not Available Correios de Portugal
Europe Romania Ministry of Communications and Information Society Poșta Română
Europe Russia Not Available Russian Post
Europe San Marino Not Available Poste San Marino
Europe Serbia Ministry of Foreign and Internal Trade and Telecommunications Pošta Srbije
Europe Slovakia Not Available Slovenská pošta
Europe Slovenia Not Available Pošta Slovenije
Europe Spain Not Available Correos
Europe Sweden Ministry of Enterprise PostNord
Europe Switzerland Federal Department of the Environment, Transport, Energy, and Communications (DETEC) Swiss Post
Europe United Kingdom Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy (BEIS) Royal Mail
Europe Ukraine Not Available Ukrposhta
Europe Vatican City Not Available Poste Vaticane
Oceania Australia Department of Communications Australia Post
Oceania Fiji Not Available Post Fiji
Oceania Kiribati Not Available Kiribati Public Service Public
Oceania Nauru Nauru General Post Office - Departament of Chief Secretary Nauru General Post Office
Oceania New Zealand Not Available New Zealand Post
Oceania Papua New Guinea Not Available Post PNG
Oceania Samoa Not Available Samoa Post
Oceania Solomon Islands Not Available Solomon Post
Oceania Tonga Not Available Tonga Post
Oceania Vanuatu Not Available Vanuatu Post
Asia Bahamas Ministry of Public Works and Transport -