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What is My Postal Code?

The Postal Code is a system of letters and/or digits that may be used to sort mail. It's a sequence of letters, numbers, or both, sometimes including spaces or punctuation, that is used to sort mail within a postal address.

Character sets

The characters often used in postal codes include:

The Arabic numerals "0" to "9"
Letters of the ISO basic Latin alphabet
Spaces and hyphens

Placement of the code

Postal codes are not necessarily assigned in the same manner as street addresses. In most English-speaking nations, the postal code is the last item in the address, following a city or town name, whereas it is first in most continental European countries. When the city is its goal, it may be on the same track or a separate one.

What is My Zip Code?

A zip code in the United States is a five- or nine-digit number that is added to a postal address, allowing mail to be sorted. There are presently about 43,000 zip codes in the country. This tool can also lookup many other nations' postal codes.. Postal codes are sequences of numbers between three and ten digits in length that identify a location. They vary from nation to nation, but most are a group of numbers between three and ten digits long. Postal codes in the United Kingdom and Canada, for example, include both numbers and letters.

The first five-digit ZIP Code was introduced in 1963. In 1983, a longer ZIP+4 code was developed.

By type and use

ZIP Codes are divided into four categories:

Unique: This ZIP Code is assigned to a single high-volume address.
Post Office Box-only: Only for PO Boxes at a particular facility, not for any other form of delivery
Military: Used for routing mail for the U.S. military.
Standard: All other ZIP Codes are included under this category.

How can I find my Zip Code?

To find a zip code by name, type in either the address or a point on the map. Forward and reverse geocoding are the terms used to describe this process.

The user is provided with the address and 5-digit zip code in forwarding geocoding. However, in the reverse geocoding, the user obtains the address and zip code from the coordinates.

Look Up a ZIP Code

By Address

Simply enter a city, state, and/or ZIP Code to find out what it is.

By City and State

To discover all the ZIP Codes for a city or state, use the search box to enter both.

Cities by ZIP Code

To learn about the cities it covers, type in a ZIP Code.

What else can you do with the zip code finder?
"What zip code am I in?" can be questioned.
Find the zip code of any address in the world by using this tool.
Select a point and then click the Find button to display a list of zip codes nearest to that location.
It locates other portions of the address that you may use as needed.

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How can I find my Postal Code?

To obtain yours, simply choose a country, then a region and city, and input the postal code after clicking on the coordinates. You'll get a detailed list of locations available for that particular code. You can figure out which nation you're in, measure distances on the map, determine latitude and longitude, and much more.

Everything is quick and straightforward! While you type, you'll be offered search suggestions. Note that zip codes in the United Kingdom are formatted differently than other countries, with outward (postcode area) and inward (postal district) parts, such as SW19 3AR. We have pages for all sorts of destinations and roads, which is unusual because we are one of the few websites to offer zip codes for a variety of directions/places.

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