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What is My Location?
The My Current Location function will let you locate yourself using an exact address and GPS information. If you have an Android phone, you may access and share my current location by clicking on My location section on the main page. My location is ideal for visitors or those looking to meet someone. My present location is anywhere in the world.
You may also limit which applications can access your device's location by enabling or disabling specific app permissions. If you deactivate location settings on your devices, the location utilised and kept in your app and online search history may be your IP address. Your IP address or device location may be used to customise the experience to your environment.
When enabled, browser or Phone location service will search for the device using GPS, nearby wireless access points, cell towers, and IP addresses. Since the location history Position cloud is not always accurate, the app or service may use the last known recorded in the Location history Location cloud to calculate your present location if you are signed into your  account. Then you may use Google Maps and other apps.

What is my current location?
There are many methods to locate yourself. The software will automatically recognise your position and display the map before zooming in or out. It also utilises GPS signals from mobile phones to find you. For example, if you have an Android phone, download our app to determine your position.

What is My Address? 
What is my address right now, detects both your location and your address. In other words, it can locate your address and state. The location and gps coordinates are shown on the map.
Allowing the browser to see your location is all it takes. We don't save your searches or location data. Your searches on this site will remain private.

What is my location right now ?
Where am I now? The tool uses geolocation to determine your location. To use this tool, you must provide it access to your location. For this to operate, your phone's location must be enabled, just like a browser or phone.

What is my current address?
View your current address and street, and never get lost in the city again. Address and places search — Lookup an address or a specific location by name.