What is the different between Postal code and Zip code

Postal code vs Zip code

When identifying a place or geolocation, both postal code or zip code is used to give a unique identity to a particular area. Although they accomplish the same task in a similar way, the word Zip code ( Zone Improvement plan) is more commonly used in the United States in some european countries whilst the phrase Postal code is more commonly used in other nations.

There are a number of synonyms for postal code; some are country-specific.

CAP: The standard term in Italy; CAP is an acronym for codice di avviamento postale (postal expedition code).

CEP: The standard term in Brazil; CEP is an acronym for código de endereçamento postal (postal addressing code).

Eircode: The standard term in Ireland.

NPA in French-speaking Switzerland (numéro postal d'acheminement) and Italian-speaking Switzerland (numero postale di avviamento).

PIN: The standard term in India; PIN is an acronym for Postal Index Number. Sometimes called a PIN code.

PLZ: The standard term in Germany, Austria, German-speaking Switzerland and Liechtenstein; PLZ is an abbreviation of Postleitzahl (postal routing number).

Postal code: The general term is used in Canada.

Postcode: This solid compound is popular in many English-speaking countries and is also the standard term in the Netherlands.

Postal index: This term is used in Eastern European countries such as Ukraine, Moldova, Belarus etc.

PSČ: The standard term in Slovakia and Czech Republic; PSČ is an acronym for Poštové smerovacie číslo (in Slovak) or Poštovní směrovací číslo (in Czech), both meaning postal routing number.

ZIP code: The standard term in the United States and the Philippines; ZIP is an acronym for Zone Improvement Plan