China Postal Code

China Postal Code / China Zip code

China postal code also known as china postcode, China Postal code system was developed by Chinapost for delivery the parcel within the mainland China.

China postal code consists of a six-digit numbers. The first two digits represent the province or state, or autonomous region. The third digit representing the postal zone within the region.  The fourth digit, represents the prefecture or prefecture-level city; and the last two digits the delivery post office.

This post code is used by China Post to deliver the parcel. China zip codes are numbered from 100001 to 999999.

For example, the postal code "100000" might be broken down as follows:
- 10: Bijing region or province
- 0: Specific area within the region
- 000: City or district within that area

Here are some Impordant postal code in China

Zipcode City Name state_name
028300 Naiman Banner Inner Mongolia
028400 Kailu County Inner Mongolia
029100 Jarud Banner Inner Mongolia
029200 Holingol Inner Mongolia
029300 Horqin Left Middle Banner Inner Mongolia
047500 Lucheng Shanxi
048000 Jincheng Shanxi
048100 Yangcheng County Shanxi
048200 Qinshui County Shanxi
048400 Gaoping Shanxi
076300 Chongli Hebei
076400 Zhangbei County Hebei
076500 Guyuan County Hebei
076600 Kangbao County Hebei
076700 Shangyi County Hebei
102100 Yanqing Beijing
102200 Changping Beijing
102300 Mentougou Beijing
102400 Fangshan Beijing
102600 Daxing Beijing
124200 Dawa Liaoning
125000 Huludao Liaoning
125100 Xingcheng Liaoning
125200 Suizhong County Liaoning
125300 Jianchang County Liaoning
137400 Ulan Hot, Horqin Right Middle Banner Jilin
137500 Tuquan County, Horqin Right Front Banner Jilin
137600 Jalaid Banner Jilin
137800 Arxan (in Hinggan League, Inner Mongolia) Jilin
138000 Songyuan Jilin
164400 Xunke County (in Heihe) Heilongjiang
165000 - Daxing'anling Prefecture Heilongjiang
165100 Huma County Heilongjiang
165200 Tahe County Heilongjiang
165300 Mohe County Heilongjiang
201600 Songjiang Shanghai
201700 Qingpu Shanghai
201800 Jiading Shanghai
202100 Chongming County Shanghai
202400 Shengsi County (in Zhoushan, Zhejiang) Shanghai
226200 Qidong Jiangsu
226300 Tongzhou Jiangsu
226400 Rudong County Jiangsu
226500 Rugao Jiangsu
226600 - Hai'an County Jiangsu
246500 Susong County Anhui
246600 Yuexi County Anhui
246700 Zongyang County (in Tongling) Anhui
247100 Chizhou Anhui
247200 Dongzhi County Anhui
277300 Yicheng Shandong
277400 - Tai'erzhuang Shandong
277500 Tengzhou Shandong
277600 Weishan County (in Jining) Shandong
277700 Lanling County (in Linyi) Shandong
301500 Ninghe Tianjin
301600 Jinghai Tianjin
301700 Wuqing Tianjin
301800 Baodi Tianjin
301900 Ji County Tianjin
325400 Pingyang County Zhejiang
325500 Taishun County Zhejiang
325600 Yueqing Zhejiang
325700 Dongtou Zhejiang
325800 Cangnan County Zhejiang
344500 Nanfeng County Jiangxi
344600 Lichuan County Jiangxi
344700 Nancheng County Jiangxi
344800 Jinxi County Jiangxi
344900 Guangchang County Jiangxi
365500 Sha County Fujian
366000 - Yong'an Fujian
366100 Datian County Fujian
366200 Liancheng County Fujian
366300 Changting County Fujian
409100 Shizhu Tujia Chongqing
409600 Pengshui Miao and Tujia Chongqing
409700 Qianjiang Chongqing
409800 Youyang Tujia and Miao Chongqing
409900 Xiushan Tujia and Miao Chongqing
425800 Lanshan County Hunan
425900 - Dong'an County Hunan
427000 Zhangjiajie Hunan
427100 Sangzhi County Hunan
427200 Cili County Hunan
445600 Xianfeng County Hubei
445700 Laifeng County Hubei
445800 Hefeng County Hubei
448000 Jingmen Hubei
448200 Shayang County Hubei
476700 Ningling County Henan
476800 Minquan County Henan
476900 Sui County Henan
477100 Dancheng County (in Zhoukou) Henan
477200 Luyi County (in Zhoukou) Henan
529400 Enping Guangdong
529500 Heshan Guangdong
529600 Yangjiang Guangdong
529700 Yangchun (in Yangjiang) Guangdong
529800 Yangxi County (in Yangjiang) Guangdong
547100 Huanjiang Maonan Guangxi
547200 Nandan County (in Guigang) Guangxi
547300 - Tian'e County (in Guigang) Guangxi
547400 Donglan County Guangxi
547500 Bama Yao Guangxi
564600 Xishui County Guizhou
564700 Chishui Guizhou
565100 Sinan County (in Tongren) Guizhou
565200 Dejiang County (in Tongren) Guizhou
565300 Yanhe Tujia (in Tongren) Guizhou
572700 Changjiang Li Hainan
572800 Baisha Li Hainan
572900 Qiongzhong Li and Miao Hainan
573100 Sansha Hainan
578000 Yangpu Economic Development Zone Hainan
646100 Lu County Sichuan
646200 Hejiang County Sichuan
646300 Naxi Sichuan
646400 Xuyong County Sichuan
646500 Gulin County Sichuan
678500 Ruili City Yunnan
678600 Longchuan County Yunnan
679100 Tengchong Yunnan
679200 Lianghe County Yunnan
679300 Yingjiang County Yunnan
727100 Yaozhou Shaanxi
727200 Yijun County Shaanxi
727300 - Huangling County (in Yan'an) Shaanxi
727400 - Luochuan County (in Yan'an) Shaanxi
727500 - Fu County (in Yan'an) Shaanxi
748100 Longxi County (in Dingxi) Gansu
748200 Weiyuan County (in Dingxi) Gansu
748300 Zhang County (in Dingxi) Gansu
748400 Min County (in Dingxi) Gansu
748500 Tanchang County (in Longnan) Gansu
756000 Guyuan Ningxia
756200 Xiji County Ningxia
756300 Longde County Ningxia
756400 Jingyuan County Ningxia
756500 Pengyang County Ningxia
817100 Ulan County Qinghai
817200 Tianjun County Qinghai
817300 Da Qaidam Qinghai
817400 Lenghu Qinghai
817500 Mangnai Qinghai
848100 Karakax County Xinjiang
848200 Lop County Xinjiang
848300 Qira County Xinjiang
848400 Yutian County Xinjiang
848500 Minfeng County Xinjiang
860300 Bom County Tibet
860400 Nang County Tibet
860500 Mainling County Tibet
860600 Zayu County Tibet
860700 Mdog County Tibet

Address Format of China

China postal codes consist of 6-digits, and are written after the name of the city, suburb, or town, and the state.


To: Mr. Xiaoming Zhang
7Th Building, Room 702
Mingdu Road, Hengda Garden,
101100 - Beijing City
PR China


1. What is my postal code of China?
Range of postal code of china is 100001 to 999999.

2. What is area code of China?
Area code of China is +86

3. How to find current postal code in China?
Use of our app to find current postal code of China.

4. How many digits are in a China postal code?
There are 6-digit postal code used in China.

5. How do you write a full address in China?

To: Mr. Deng Li Zhang
308 Raycom Info Tech Park Tower A 2
Main Street, Handian,
100080 - Beijing 
PR China

What is China address format?

To: Mr. Xiaoming Zhang
7Th Building, Room 702
Mingdu Road, Hengda Garden,
101100 - Beijing City
PR China 528400

What is China Zipcode Format?
China Zipcode Format

Useful Information:-
  • Toal Postal Code in Country:- Total 2269 Postal Code In ChinA
  • Postal Code Type :- 6-digit
  • Toal Population :- 1425.7Million (May2023)
  • Capital Name :-Beijing
  • Dialing Code :-86