Colombia Postal Code

Colombia Postal Code

Colombia, officially the Republic of Colombia, is a country in South America In 2014 Colombia introduce new six digit numeric postal code for all addressess. The first group of two digits are the numbers used by DANE to encode the departments. The second group of two digits in the range of 00 to 89 encode postal zones, where 00 is used for the department capital. In the range of 90 - 99 it has another region. The third group of two digits encodes up to 100 postal districts in each zone. So there can be 32 * 90 * 100 = 288 000 postal districts in the geographic defined zones in all departments combined.

What is Colombia address format?

Mr. Adriana Gomez
Edificio Murillo Toro
Cra. 8a entre calles 12 y 13
BOGOTA D.C. 111711

What is Colombia Zipcode Format?
Colombia Zipcode Format

Useful Information:-
  • Toal Postal Code in Country:- Total 3681 Postal Code In ColombiA
  • Postal Code Type :- 6-digit
  • Toal Population :- 52.1Million (May2023)
  • Capital Name :-Bogota
  • Dialing Code :-57