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Georgian Post (sakartvelos post'a) is a courier delivery business based in Georgia. Georgian Post is a leading national postal operator focusing on providing clients with universal postal services.

Georgia's postal service is rather ancient. Kartlis Tskhovreba makes reference to ancient messengers and couriers who conveyed news fast throughout the region (literally - Life of Kartli). By the late nineteenth century, Ioane Batonishvili, a major exponent of Georgian economic theory, believed that creating postal stations would benefit both the people and the Treasury. Postal services were necessary to stimulate commerce, and he pushed for their introduction. "Posts are to be located in Kartli, Kakheti, and among Tatars," he stated.
Bullock carts are involved with Georgia's early postal transfers. Georgian carts are among the first postal conveyances on display at Saint-Popov Petersburg's Central Museum of Communications. Bulls pull a cart with the large mailbox. Two Georgians are in front of the waggon. Numerous countries have taken note of Georgian bullock waggon postal transfers. Among the museum's Russian exhibits are "photographs of postal transfers using two-wheel Georgian carts," as described in the 1900 book "Technology and Industry" (volume ten). Thus, the Georgian cart was one of the first modes of mail delivery in the globe. According to one of the Popov Museum's brochures, the 1893 Chicago Postal Exhibition featured a model of a Georgian bullock waggon and a painting portraying post transit through the Caucasus. Georgian postal network growth facilitated the transportation of mail between Georgia and Russia through the Caucasus.

In 1993, Georgia became a member of the Universal Postal Union.
Akhmeta and Ikalto receive post offices in 1901.
In 1886, the postal road between Racha and Lechkhumi was opened.

In 1840, the 12th Postal District was established, encompassing Kartli-Imereti and Kaspi. In 1857, the Tbilisi postal bureau was advised to establish a postal department by the District Governor (N. Kakhanov). Kakhanov overhauled the postal system. Notably, he is credited with the invention of the "Tbilisi stamp."

From 1832 until 1836, several postal offices along the mail route were privately held; however, state postal agency acquired them in 1836.

The first post office in Tbilisi was founded in 1805.

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Ms. Nino Giorgobiani
Pekini ave. #39, flat 66

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Georgia Zipcode Format

Useful Information:-
  • Toal Postal Code in Country:- Total 252 Postal Code In GeorgiA
  • Postal Code Type :- 4-digit
  • Toal Population :- 3.7Million (May2023)
  • Capital Name :-Tbilisi
  • Dialing Code :-995