Laos Postal Code

Laos Zipcode / Laos Postcode

The postal service in Laos is operated by the Lao People's Revolutionary Party (LPRP) and is commonly referred to as LaoPost. 

Postal codes in Laos consist of five digits. The first two digits represent the province or administrative zone, while other the last three digits specify the district or post office within that province. 

The LaoPost is responsible for mail collection, sorting, and delivery throughout the country. They also provide various postal services, including  international mail, and parcel services. Additionally, they offer additional services such as money transfers, bill payments, and postal banking.

What is Laos address format?

Home Delivery:

Mr. Khamsing Sengdeth
14, rue That louang

What is Laos Zipcode Format?
Laos Zipcode Format

Useful Information:-
  • Toal Postal Code in Country:- Total 25 Postal Code In Laos
  • Postal Code Type :- 5-digit
  • Toal Population :- 7.6Million (May2023)
  • Capital Name :-Vientiane
  • Dialing Code :-856