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Trinidad and Tobago Postal Code:-

The adoption of postal codes in Trinidad and Tobago was authorised by the government in 2012, with the first codes being issued later that year. Additional to postal code adoption, the country has launched a statewide address improvement campaign, which will use the Universal Postal Union (UPU) S-42 international standard of addressing as the basis for its address improvement efforts. The Universal Postal Union (UPU) is an agency of the United Nations that serves as the global coordinating organisation for postal services. With this project, the government of Trinidad and Tobago hopes to improve improper addressing practises by assigning a six-digit postal number to each address. As a result of this modification, the following will occur:

Building/civic numbers will be assigned to all structures. Numbering will be sequential and rational in nature.
It is less necessary to address people by using mile markers, lot numbers, lamp post numbers, or the phrase "corner of."
Since 2012, each code has become a six-digit number with the first two digits denoting one of 72 postal districts, with the last two numbers denoting the whole country (64 in Trinidad, eight in Tobago). It was first tested at Point Fortin, Trinidad and Tobago, in 2013[2], and then in four additional Trinidad and Tobago localities, as well as on the island of Tobago. It will be available beginning in 2021 in all of Trinidad and Tobago's regions and municipalities, as well as throughout the country.

What is Trinidad and Tobago address format?

Xin Wok Restaurant and Bar
135-137 Southern Main Road

PO Box
Lisa - Ann Joseph
PO Box 1872

What is Trinidad and Tobago Zipcode Format?
Trinidad and Tobago Zipcode Format

Useful Information:-
  • Toal Postal Code in Country:- Total 72 Postal Code In Trinidad and Tobago
  • Postal Code Type :- 6-digit
  • Toal Population :- 1.5Million (May2023)
  • Capital Name :-Port of Spain
  • Dialing Code :-1 (868)